10 Moves That Target The Most Muscle Growth

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It probably goes without saying that most people want to reduce fat and have some muscle tone. Yet, muscle doesn’t just look good–it’s good for you. Having more muscle increases your metabolism, which means you are burning calories even when you’re resting. Yet, not all exercises are created equal. If you really want to build muscle, here are 10 moves that target the most muscle growth.

Muscle Growth exercise

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Weighted dip
Dips are one of the ultimate moves for building muscle. These are also called upper body squats. What makes this move unique is you also have the ability to utilize unlimited weight. And, bodybuilders will tell you that heavy lifting is what builds muscle. This chest exercise won’t let you down.

Chin up
One of the most basic moves can provide impressive results. All you have to do is grab a high bar and lift. Not only does it boost your grip strength, but it adds muscle to both your biceps and trapezoids.

Barbell lunges
These are the safer alternative to barbell squats. Hold a barbell behind your neck and lunge on each leg. As you do so, you’ll feel the full weight of the barbell during each lunge. Feel the burn.

Bent over row
We all want that v-shaped back. According to Olympus lab, muscle building starts in the kitchen with supplements and clean eating. After that, you’ve got to hit the gym. The bent over row will give you that sleek back since it works eight major muscles in the lower, middle and upper back. On top of that, your abs get a workout when stabilizing your core.

Dumbbell fly
This is one of the best moves for increasing chest width. It helps to develop both thickness and width. In addition, it engages the rhomboids and biceps. You’ll be beach ready in no time.

Barbell pullover
For some impressive triceps, you need to incorporate this move in your workout routine. Lie down on a bench and press a barbell over and under your head. Keep your hips down, and select a weight that also gives you a full and deep stretch. On top of working your triceps, you also work your pectorals and lats. Of course, it is critical to engage in intense weight training between three and four times a week.

If you really want to push your body’s limits, then you must try the dead lift. Driven sports believes this is the king of mass builders, and for good reason. The deadlift works more muscles, all at once, than any other strength training move. In fact, you can add muscle to both the upper and lower body.

Olympic Clean
If you want power, then the Olympic Clean is for you. It is demanding and quick. Not to mention, it is explosive as you need strength to pull the weight up off of the floor and throw it in the air, then drop it. Plus, you’ll need stability to stay upright. You’ll really need motivation to push yourself through this move. If you find yourself faltering, these motivation tips will help.

Leg press
One aspect of building muscle is having a symmetrical body shape. That includes building your leg muscles. You can do that with the leg press, which couldn’t be easier. You perform this move from a seated position. It’s perfect for individuals new to bodybuilding. Since the seat provide support, you won’t need to rely too much on body core stabilization. It also targets the quads directly.

Bench press
This is the move in all the fitness commercials. Pushing a barbell up from your chest, straightening your arms, then lowering. With this move, you build muscle in your triceps, pectorals and anterior deltoids. Try to lift the heaviest weight you can,without stifling your breathing.

Now that you’ve read about the 10 moves which target the most muscle growth, are you ready to work out?

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