Yoga Health Benefits, What Yoga Does To The Body?

India, the pioneer of Yoga celebrated the international yoga day on 21st June 2015 with people accepting the age old practice of bending and twisting your body to rejuvenate the entire body parts as one of the best healer for many problems of both mind and body.

Yoga is greatly misunderstood as it is just few poses of exercise which can help only the physical healing, but in fact it has a deep impact which helps in healing many ailments relating to our organs as well as the inner mind and thinking abilities.

Below are some of the facts of yoga that help in healing other problems.


Overall Fitness
Being fit is not associated with only the body and its functioning in the right way, but it is also related with your mind and how happy one is. Being calm and peaceful is one of the main secrets for a healthy life and yoga helps to attain this state of mind through its asanas. Exercise that teaches breathing known as Pranayama and meditation will help attain the peace of mind and control our emotions in a right way.

Improves Immunity
Yes! You do not have to take any medicines or gulp down those awful smelling tablets or syrups to develop immunity. Yoga is one of the best exercise regime which will rejuvenate your body as well as improve the immunity. Human system is a blend of body, spirit and mind. Due to many ailments body can lose its immunity level and yoga poses massages the organs into functioning back properly and helps in fighting against diseases. This helps in developing the immunity level and gains back the strength.

Develop and maintain good relationships
Sounds interesting to know that simple exercise can help maintain relationships isn’t it? Today, people are more stressed due to more work and less time with 24 hours a day that they start skipping meals, sleep and the regular the body needs. This kind of daily schedule makes them irritated and most often angry and stressed leading to fights and disagreement among loved ones. Yoga poses helps in calming mind and find peace within which teaches you to be happy and be joyful with your surroundings and people. This helps you to maintain good relationships with family and friends.

Yoga Good for Losing Weight
Sure we all like to be thin and beautiful, don’t we? But, it is not that easy for many because the human body is tend have changes at different stages and there is always a possibility to put on weight, be it a man or a woman. Woman especially during the time of pregnancy, which needs to be reduced after child birth. People who eat less also tend to put on weight if they are unhappy. The secret of reducing weight is not only doing an hour of work out but it is purely a combination of exercise, eating proper diet and staying happy. Yoga poses teaches to attain all these at the same time and keeps you healthy.


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