Why Lack of Sleep Could Be Making You Fatter

Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss Plan and Diet Schedule? – YES.

Lack of sleep can cause changes in brain activity, causing some people to eat more, according to a study published Tuesday in the scientific journal Nature Communications, reports AFP.

Studies have already found a link between sleep duration and decrease rapid rise in obesity in industrialized countries, but the researchers were unable to explain why until now.

Lack of Sleep

Devices using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), a University of California team studied the brains of 23 people who were deprived of sleep. If their brain activity was examined twice, after a full night of sleep after a night during which they could not sleep at all.

Persons deprived of sleep disturbances were observed in regions of cortex that controls satiety, while on the contrary areas associated with irresistible cravings were strongly stimulated. ‘I made another interesting discovery, that foods with more calories are sought in particular persons deprived of sleep,’ said Matthew Walker, one of the co-authors.

‘These findings can potentially explain the connection between lack of sleep, weight gain and obesity, “the researcher added, saying that a sufficient sleep’ could allow better control of weight through brain mechanisms that react to the choice of food appropriate ‘.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than a third of adults over 20 years worldwide were overweight and 11% obese in 2008. The number of overweight people has doubled since 1980, reaching 1.4 billion adults in 2008.


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